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Graviola / Soursop /Kolkata/Full Natural Cancer Treatment home delivery all India - Kolkata- Kolkata - Alipore

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Product Description
(No Sugar / No Preservatives) Half liter Bottle. SourSop / Graviola / Hanuman / Laxman Phal / Mullatha / Mullan chakka / Lakshmanapazam fresh fruit , juice , leaves , capsules, bark, roots, in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Aurangabad, Delhi, Baroda, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Banglore, chennai, Hyderabad for cancer treatment Graviola is 100 % Natural Herbal Remedy as an Immune Enhancer & Nutritional Support. Soursop scientific name is annona muricata. Soursop tree is a native of Brazil & is also available in Venezuela, central America, Peru, Columbia, Mexico & Cuba. Its called by various names in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Kannada, Malyalam, Urdu, bengali, etc. This tree is grown in the forest of Brazil, phillipines & is a gift for immuno-compromised patients. Graviola / Soursop fruit juice can be consumed daily for its anti-oxidant effects & high nutrition value. Its been used to help Cancer, Aids, TB & other immuno compromised patients & clinical trails are on all over the world. Treatment course :- Soursop has to be used as per the type of cancer & the stage involved. Except for blood cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, soursop can be used as per following protocol. Stage 1 cancer - Fresh fruit / Juice & leaves of Graviola / Soursop / Hanuman Phal + curcumin C3 Plus (USFDA Patented) Stage 2 Cancer - Graviola + Curcumin + C-win Anti Cancer Set. Stage 3 Cancer - Graviola + Curcumin + C-win Set + Nano Activated Silver. Stage 4 Cancer - Stage 3 medicines + other symptomatic medicines. Accessory medicines - Liver care Powder for Liver cirrhosis (Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis / Hepatitis / Jaundice / Metastatic Liver Cancer ) How to Order :- Organic & authentic SourSop Fruit extract sourced from real fruits from Brazil is available only at select locations in India. One of the major distributors is located in Mumbai. They provide Home delivery facility all over India. Payment is through Online Bank Transfer. Cash On Delivery facility is available but costs extra.. Not only the fruit but also other parts of this plant the leaves, stem, bark, roots, & seeds have a long history of medicinal use in the Americas. Graviola is used as a natural remedy for infections, fever, digestive problems & high blood pressure. Researchers have documented many other traditional uses among the indigenous people of the Andes & Caribbean. Recently, scientists have begun to explore the potential of the bioactive chemicals in graviola leaves, stems & seeds, called annonaceous acetogenins. These acetogenins appear to have powerful anti-tumor & anti-cancer qualities. Some test-tube studies have concluded that graviola compounds may be able to target & kill cancer cells, even drug-resistant ones, without interfering with healthy cells. The bark, leaves & roots are used by diabetics to stabilize blood sugar, as a heart tonic, a liver remedy in Brazil. It is also used for arthritis & rheumatism. New Yorks Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center affirms a number of the plants beneficial properties, including antiviral, antiparasitic, antirheumatic & emetic effects on its Web site. In view of this extensive list of benefits, the claims for graviolas cytotoxic effects on tumors & cancer cells have acquired a certain credibility for many people, Side Effects :- During our 4 yrs of use of SourSop Fruit extract we haven't encountered any side effects. Tags - SourSop, Graviola, Guanabana, Hanuman, Laxman Phal, PawPaw, Mullu Chitta, Seemai Seethapazham, Mullan chakka, Lakshmanapazam, Mullaatha, leaves extract, fruit, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Pune, Hyderabad, Banglore, Delhi, Jaipur, hindi, Graviola India Tree, Cancer, Benefits , Side effects, Capsules, dosage, Dubai, Dr Oz, drops, em ingles, marathi, mumbai, guanaban, gnc, gde kupiti, juice, chennai, kaufen, kapseln, tea, sale, urdu, tamil, online, shop, other, names, oil, plant, powder, que es, queensland, reviews, raintree, research, root, telugu, uses, uk, prahu, unsafe, video, vita plus, vitamins, wiki, weight loss, where to buy, whole foods, diabetes, images, kerala, papaya, sale, tree, walmart, youtube, cultivation, capsules, cure, testimonials, pregnancy, dealers, disadvantages, health benefits, recipe, kannada, kills cancer cells, leaf, medicinal, nz, nutrition, price, pronounciation, ramphal, ripe, seeds, seedlings, season, uk buy, usa, custard apple, village, yahoo answers, annona muricata, dried, gujarati, stems, anona, powder, natural, unsafe, vita plus, what is it good for, weight loss, noni, guyabano, herbal, defination,diabetes, cancer, good for pregnant, nutrient, nectar, names, roots, urdu, news, zealand, botanical english,shubham farms
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Located In : Alipore
Category : Sports & Health
Price : 475
Product Condition : New
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